In the context of strategic marketing, branding and communications, to CREATE means the seamless fusion of creativity, intuition and context to articulate an idea, story or message, capturing the vision of an individual or organisation.

To strategically COMMUNICATE means to disseminate or broadcast a given idea, story or message with the intention of reaching the largest and most specific group of people.

As the result of a successful marketing, branding or communications strategy, to CHAMPION means that the given message has been successfully and masterfully disseminated culminating in a desired change in perception, opinion, or other forms of increased visibility and exposure.


I launched GM Communications in 2002 to offer strategic Marketing and Communications counsel to individuals, companies, philanthropic organisations, agencies and academic institutions.

With a focus on marketing, branding, image development and reputation management I continue to offer my expertise as a strategic thinker, writer, media strategist, media trainer and corporate spokesperson.

I support investor/stakeholder relations through strategic marketing initiatives and effective brand management.

I am available for short-term contracts or long-term projects.